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Research Management

Our efforts to promote excellence have resulted in the identification of thirteen institutional research themes. NMMU continues to make significant progress in its drive to create an environment that encourages and rewards research excellence, with the aim of improving the University’s research profile. The following factors were taken into consideration during the development of the themes:

  1. The vision, mission and value statements of the NMMU;
  2. National imperatives;
  3. Regional and local challenges, particularly in respect of sustainable development;
  4. The level and volume of the competencies within the faculties and institution;
  5. The future potential of research within the particular area;
  6. The complementarities of the theme with respect to competencies within other faculties;
  7. Multidisciplinary/ transdisciplinary research focus;
  8. Capacity for inter-institutional and/or regional collaboration; and
  9. Strengthening the broad academic focus areas of the NMMU.
Theme Driver
Science, Mathematics and Technology Education for Society (SMTE) Prof Andre du Plessis
Sustainable local economic development Prof Sandra Perks
Cyber Citizenship Prof Johan van Niekerk
Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Prof Danie Hattingh
Nanoscale materials characterization, new materials and processes Prof Jan Neethling
Strategic energy technologies Prof Ernest van Dyk
Sustainable human settlements Prof Winston Shakantu
Coastal Marine and Shallow Water Ecosystems  Dr Derek du Preez
Humanizing Pedagogies Prof Denise Zinn
Democratization, Conflict and Poverty Prof Lyn Snodgrass
Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration Prof Graham Kerley
Health and Wellbeing Prof Ilse Truter
Earth Stewardship Science Prof Maarten de Wit
More detailed information on the Institutional Research Themes can be found on this page under the heading: Files you can download.
Contact information
Dr Nomakwezi Mzilikazi
Director: Research Management
Tel: 27 41 504 4536