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(Journal Articles, Conference Proceedings, Book Chapters and Whole Books)


The closing date for submission of outputs is 28 February 2022


The Research Publication Management System (RPMS) is now open for the submission of research outputs with publication date 2021.  A motivation for late claim is required where publication year is 2020. 


Before loading your publication consult the documents under Files you can download

  • User Guide to loading publications on RPMS (includes books, chapters, proceedings & journals)
  • For Books & Chapters, consult the abbreviated guidelines for submission of DHET subsidy.
  • For Conference Proceedings, consult the abbreviated guidelines for published conference proceedings for DHET subsidy.


The functionality of the RPMS remains unchanged and there are three critical components for uploading outputs successfully.  These are

  1. Publication information (the actual output being submitted)
  2. Author information (if Nelson Mandela University affiliation for internal authors is not on the publication, a letter explaining how the work was conducted or supported at Mandela University should be attached).  Please note: For Post-doc, select as Student and then select the Academic Title as, Other (Post-doc)
  3. Compulsory attachments and supporting documentation (Under Files you can download, see examples of Evidence of Compliance, Publisher peer-review process & Statement of Research Contribution)


It is important to collect all required documentation before attempting to upload the publication because the functionality to save and submit later does not yet exist on the RPMS.  Remember always to scroll all the way to the right of the screen to ensure that all fields have been completed.


Required information is listed below.

All Internal authors


Journal articles


Conference Proceedings


Appointment letter

PDF of the article

PDF or e-version of the full book

PDF of the article

Full conference proceeding will also suffice.



If journal is published in SA, evidence of compliance with 75% DHET rule.

See Files you can download - journal template evidence of compliance 75% rule

Evidence of peer review

See Files you can download - Example of Book & Chapters publishers peer review process.

Front matter including: Evidence of peer review, ISBN, Scientific/Academic committee, Publisher, table of contents

See Files you can download - Examples of Peer review process conferences




Statement of research contribution.

See Files you can download - book or book chapter template for Statement of Research Contribution

If conference hosted in SA: Evidence of compliance with the DHET 60% rule

See Files you can download - conference template evidence of compliance 60% rule

Online training sessions will be announced in due course, or may be requested.  The closing date for submission of outputs is 28 February 2022.


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